Couples Communication Coaching

Seth Kopald offers sessions for couples who would like to improve their communication and resolve conflicts.  


Couples will learn a non-threatening approach to communication that reduces defensiveness and feeling criticized. Sessions would be ideal for couples facing conflict or those who want to avoid conflict in the future.

Healthy communication builds trust and improves relationships.  When there is conflict or disagreement, oftentimes discussions feel more like arguments and you feel unsatisfied afterward.  Other times, you may seek support, yet after saying so, you feel unheard or discouraged.  Creating a safe space for dialogue is critical for deeply understanding each other.  When you reach an open, compassionate place, you become curious about opposing viewpoints and understand the needs of others without feeling reactive. In turn, people tend to listen and consider your point-of-view rather than countering. Healthy communication deepens your relationships and builds a feeling of safety.  As safety and trust increase, it is easier to be yourself with others. 

Couples Communication Coaching will introduce you to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model and you will learn techniques for healthy communication. This method will help you become more open to others, understand their needs, and help you feel heard and understood.  

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