IFS Practitioner

Seth Kopald coaches people to understand themselves more deeply and live life more fully.

Sessions available: In-person or Virtual (calls or Zoom/Skype/FaceTime) for Individuals and Couples Communication Coaching.  

Utilizing the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model, Seth Kopald will help you strengthen your core Self and increase your Self Leadership. You will learn to observe yourself and act from a more centered place, rather than a reactive one. The intent is for you to feel more peace, compassion, courage, and playfulness. Be more present in life!

IFS can help you:

  • Resolve an interpersonal conflict
  • Get unstuck with a stressor in your life
  • Find ease with an ongoing issue
  • Become more present in a relationship
  • Be more engaged in life

Oftentimes, communication at home, work, or other areas of people's lives improve as Self Leadership increases. People become more patient with themselves and others, and often relationships grow. 

Seth works with clients face-to-face and virtually. He has conduced sessions with people across the United States and internationally. Seth has worked with people in Canada, Australia, England, and Norway. What a wonderful thing to interact with others around the globe increasing a sense of peace and connection. 

Find more peace, compassion, and playfulness

Lean more about the inner exploration process and how to begin.  

Start by scheduling a free exploratory session

Couples Communication Coaching

Are you ready to feel heard and understood? Would you like to take your relationship to a deeper level? Are you trying to start a new relationship on the right foot? 

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