Seth Kopald is a wonderful human — a safe, loving man who does a beautiful job with IFS. He is a certified IFS practitioner and I would recommend him to anyone.  He is sensitive and really skilled with the model. He worked with me at a conference with some delicate issues and I found his work to be profound. I can't recommend him enough.  

Kay Gardner,  IFS Senior lead trainer

While looking for an IFS therapist to do sessions with, Seth’s name came up repeatedly by people within the IFS community. My session with Seth was a mix of poignant questions and gentle hand holding. With kindness and a deeply non-judgemental approach, he created room for me to feel seen, held and more deeply understood. I would recommend Seth to anyone. He is a kind and centered practitioner with a strong intuitive sense that is both healing and wise.


Upon meeting Seth for the first time, I felt comfortable right away. He has a very calming presence and is very reassuring. I always felt that he was listening to me and understanding. After one in-office session, I was able to continue using FaceTime because I was traveling for work. With Seth’s IFS sessions, I had almost immediate results. IFS really does amazing things and I wish I would have tried it sooner! Seth is very skilled in his line of work and I highly recommend visiting him for this Insight Coaching!


Seth was recommended to me through someone I met in an IFS course. It was really helpful to have the free initial session to determine if we would be a match. I had studied IFS for a few months and I knew I resonated with the model but being able to pair with Seth to practice has changed everything. I have begun to experience Self energy which has led to growth in many areas of my life. I have reconnected with my spirituality. I am learning to listen to my body and what it needs. I have greater empathy for others and my own clinical practice has been transformed. I have found that I am able to work comfortably at my own pace. Some of my parts are still learning to trust that healing is possible. But that's ok. I am confident that we'll get there.

Kara (Therapist)

As someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety and eating disorders for many years, I have tried numerous styles of therapy with minimal success. Upon discovering Seth’s coaching and the IFS method, I saw vast improvements in myself and how I act/react with daily struggles even after just a few sessions. During my time with Seth, I am in a safe space where I can explore my current stressors with family and relationships, how they are linked to past beliefs and am able to work through them with caring guidance. Seth creates an understanding and non-judgmental environment where deep emotions are surfaced and addressed using this method. I have seen a transformative shift in myself and how I operate on a day to day level. For the first time in a long time, I can see the future in positive light because of the tools I have been given through Seth and the IFS method.


Discovering Internal Family Systems was a breakthrough for me. Seth's guidance and support helped me learn and apply this practice to my life. I'm grateful for what he does - he helped me through a very tough time and through that, I developed confidence in IFS and in myself. He is an excellent coach for me and is skillful in helping me access my parts and work with them. Insightful and trustworthy are two words that I would use to describe Seth.


I learned about IFS from a friend. I had for more than 30 years worked with "parts" myself as a therapist - what was unique with Seth was that he was very thorough, took his time to guide me to where I could shift my perception. It was a feeling of a strong and powerful AHA that  truly shifted things for me - a feeling of having landed at new plateau with great view. He guided me as a true artist - one who always is willing to follow where it leads to, trusting the process. I am grateful!

Nina Martins, Expressive Arts Therapist, Norway

I had discovered IFS a couple of months before my first session with Seth. Although reading about the techniques hinted at the power of the method, it wasn't until I began working with Seth that things really began to change for me. I was impressed with Seth's compassionate and straightforward manner, and as we moved through each piece of work his gentle guidance was invaluable. He was able to point me toward elements I might otherwise have missed, and his support deepened the work quite dramatically. In a few sessions I've accomplished more positive change than I ever dreamed possible. IFS is a powerful technique, and Seth's facilitation has just the right touch to maximize its healing benefits.

Paul, Ottawa, Canada

(Virtual Sessions via Skype/Zoom)

I found Seth's site while searching for an IFS practitioner. Even though he was far away, we agreed to try through Skype. During our first session, which was an intro/seeing if we match, I felt he was unpretentious, a down-to-earth kinda person. I said to myself, "He's ok, I can work with him." In our subsequent sessions, I felt more and more comfortable. His demeanor was that of a warm, gentle and genuinely engaging person, which intensified our IFS sessions. I was able to get to "meet my my people" [parts] easier, guided and never pushed.


During my first IFS session with Seth, I had a deep and meaningful experience. There would be times when I would feel a bit struck. With his gentle guidance and encouragement, he helped me get through those stuck times and move on to a deeper connection with buried parts of myself. He was caring, patient, attuned and compassionate; all the while expertly facilitating the IFS process. He wrapped it up with me making a commitment to how I was going to practice the IFS process each day on my own. It was a powerful, impactful experience and one that I would highly recommend; both IFS and Seth Kopald. 

Jane, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada