Go Inside

This page is devoted to understanding the IFS process, theory and practice. I hope you enjoy these resources and find them useful on your path to  finding more peace.  


"As a practitioner, I help my clients access Self as much as possible and with more ease - so they can nurture their themselves and be more engaged in life."  - Seth Kopald  

Clear pool of fresh water in Iceland. It encourages me to have clarity as we go deep inside.

Clear pool of fresh water in Iceland. It encourages me to have clarity as we go deep inside.

What is the process?

Seth Kopald is an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner. IFS theory assumes that we all have many sides of ourselves called "parts" that act and react.  For instance, a part of us may feel frustrated with someone while another part is trying hard to feel patient.  People have parts that get upset easily or that may block them from fully engaging in life.  

Seth will ask questions that help clients get to know their parts and build relationships with them. Oftentimes, people have parts that guide many of their interactions with others. Some people lead with self-consciousness, distrust, or a myriad of other feelings. Clients gain understanding and compassion for the parts of themselves connected to these feelings and reactions and ultimately find relief. 

IFS can help you:

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts

  • Get unstuck with a stressor in your life

  • Find ease with an ongoing issue

  • Become more present in a relationship

  • Be more engaged in life

IFS increases positive communication.  Clients learn to talk about their feelings rather than from them, building self leadership.  For instance, with this skill, people learn to talk to others about their frustration rather than letting frustration do the talking. Ultimately, people can learn to heal their parts and relieve suffering.  After sessions with Seth, people often report feeling lighter, more centered, and at peace.  


Types of Sessions: 

-Individuals In-Person or Virtual (Zoom/Skype/Facetime/etc)

-Couples Coaching: Using IFS as a framework, you will increase positive communication and find more balance in yourself and in your relationship.  Learn how to reduce defensiveness and increase understanding.

-Group work: I currently lead a mens group every other week and would be happy to start another group to meet your needs.


Who is Seth

Click here to learn more about Seth and his background.



When my father, an old school family doctor, passed years ago I prepared his eulogy. I realized then that what we say about ourselves is important, but not as powerful as the praise and stories that others offer.  I hope someday I live up to my father's grace and wisdom as he healed others.  I often sense my father as I walk the Earth, guiding me to do what is right and honorable.